Philippine Siren Liveaboard 11 night/10 day Charter to Malapsacua and Visayas

July 14-24, 2022

Cebu Philippines



The Philippines comprise over 7,600 islands, surrounded by deep blue seas that contain some of the richest marine life on earth. Considered by many to be the apex of the Coral Triangle, scuba diving in the Philippines offers a wide variety of marine environments to choose from.

Whether it’s dives on steep walls and offshore pinnacles, critter hunting in coastal reefs, the sardine run, or the opportunity to get up close to the world’s largest fish – the whale shark, the Philippines will whet the appetite of even the most seasoned diver.

The Malapascua & Visayas region is home to some of the best diving in the Philippines, with its nutrient rich water supporting a variety of eco-systems & a wide diversity of marine life. Dive sites are varied, ranging from vertical walls covered in coral to gentle sloping reefs and muck diving hotspots. During the tour we visit and dive the islands around Malapascua and Cebu, Cabilao, Panglao, Balicasag and Pescador. Along with Apo Island marine sanctuary and critter hot spot Dauin.
Over the course of the charter, I will give presentations and share techniques that photographers can use to learn the difference from taking pictures to creating portraits that you print large and display on the walls of the family homes.
 I will to encourage everyone to experiment with shooting manual strobe power, and creating photographs with specific goals in mind.   For example when it comes to fish portrait, macro, and other scenes how important is depth of field to the overall image?   Would it be a good use to choose 2.8 or 4 for f-stop and let the background get fuzzy or better to use f-20 or F22 and have as much depth of filed as possible.
Knowing how you want the image to look like in your minds eye, will tell you what settings to use.
As much as possible I will work with the crew in terms of providing advanced notice if the the next dive is best for Macro or wide angle. At dinner each night I will make a recommendation so if someone wants to switch from wide to macro they can do it before going to bed.
Over the course of the charter I will talk about lighting and talk about how to minimize backscatter, use light ratios to create drama within a portrait, and everyone's favorite how to manage ones buoyancy when carrying a camera.

Five Requirements

There are three requirements for this trip.
  1. You must have six months left on your passport to do this trip.
  2. You must also have DAN or other travel insurance.  I have DAN and I am alive today because it works.
  3. You must have trip insurance.    Get the best you can get and hope it's money well spent that the trip goes off without a hitch.  As hard as I try to make things go smooth there are things that happen beyond my control.  Obviously, there is the pandemic, but there is a chance Tonga could close its borders, A tsunami comes, the boat sinks or breaks, you get sick prior to the trip, you break your leg before the trip, or something else.   This way you are covered.  I have been doing these trips a long time and have seen a lot both things.  Insurance is the best way to protect yourself.
  4. You will likely need a test I order to travel
  5. you will need a vaccination card to enter the Philippines


As the trip is just around the corner participants must pay for the trip upon sign up.  Everyone must have the best possible insurance and be prepared should something go wrong.  To sign up for the trip click on link Philippines Trip July 14-24, 2022.