A Breach from Tonga

by Douglas Hoffman on October 19, 2010

I have just returned home after enjoying 10 days in Vavau’ Tonga. This was my fifth whale season in a row. While conditions made it a bit more challenging than the last few years, we were able to witness heat runs, mother and calf interaction, male singers, and social groups.

One of my favorite images was created while snorkeling but is of a whale in the air. I saw the calf swimming for the surface and thought it was going to breach, so I lifted the camera housing out of the water and started pressing the shutter. To my amazement this image captured the baby in the air.

I am planning to return to Tonga next year, however the destination will be the Ha’apai island group. Rather than do a land based trip we will go on the Naia’ a 120 foot live-aboard coming over from Fiji. The dates are Sept 2-12.
If there is interest I will do another tour in Vavau’ starting Sept 13th.