Life goes on

by Douglas Hoffman on September 17, 2021

As my 59th birthday approaches, I’ve taken a look back to reflect upon the good, bad, and ugly events that have shaped my life. The sum of my experiences has taught me that everyone has a history or past and that how we live, and act in the present is what will shape our future.

While there are many things I would not do again, or, do differently, time and experience has adjusted my perspective. As a result I have become more tolerant and learned about forgiveness, empathy and compassion. I still have a way to go to master how to deal with stress, pain, and how to deal with my aging body. Like many, the older I get the more pain, and ailments I seem to experience.

What I do know is Arthritis is a bitch, and affects my quality of life. That said, I am not going to my best not to allow it to keep me from doing what I enjoy. Almost everyone that is approaching their 60’s has some sort of pain and my hope for all of us to stay mobile and keep moving. We can’t slow down and let rust build up. So do what it is you love to do, even it means you do it a little slower or less often.