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Maui Photo Tours – Gecko power

Gecko power Not long ago I was out creating scenic images when I looked into some plants and saw this gecko hiding on a leaf.  Its shadow creates a bit of drama to the image. Rather than put in square in the center I used the rule of thirds and placed it along the left…

Maui Photo Tour and Workshop – Use a Tripod when creating scenic photogrpahs

A tripod is one of the most important tools when creating scenic or landscape photographs.  Using a tripod eliminates the number one problem people have when taking scenic photographs and that is camera shake. The majority of people move their bodies when pressing the shutter and the result is blurry photographs. A tripod holds the…

Maui Photography owner enters National Geographic Magazine Photogaphy Competition

Douglas finally entered the National Geographic Photography Competition.

Maui Family Photography _ Eden and her family

Our long time repeater local client Eden McAfee.  Mahalo for another opportunity! Contact us to learn more about our service. We offer portrait session for families as well as photography workshops! via e-mail or (808) 879-0260

Maui Photography owner Douglas Hoffman is one of the photographers included in the new book Absolute Maui

The book Absolute Maui was delivered today and happily, there are three of Douglas’ chef photographs in the book.  They include Chef Marc McDowell, Sheldon Simeon, and James McDonald.   I love that James prefers food to be fresh and go from the farm right to the plate.  Kudos to you Chef!    

Maui Photography launches new business Maui Photo Tours

Were also offering mini workshops at peoples homes, or resorts. We will come and give a concise easy to understand talk about photography and answer all your families questions,

Maui Photo Tours & Workshops – Bamboo Forest using High Dynamic Range

One of the topics we cover is HDR or high dynamic range photography.  This is a technique that uses Photoshop or specialized software to merge together multiple photographs that have different highlights and shadows (exposure value), in order to make one image that uses the best of all the exposures.  This style of photography is…

Maui Photography owner Douglas Hoffman featured in Maui News Sunday Current section

Today the Maui News published an article about Douglas’ whale photography.

Maui Photography – Beautiful Hawaiian Sunsets

The sunsets are beautiful in Maui.

Maui Thanksgiving wishes

As the holidays approach we wanted to let all our clients know how much we appreciate you