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We offer private and semi-private classes.  Learn photography from experienced professionals! This waterfall is on the road to Hana. Several elements come together to make this a pleasing portrait.  First is the composition. Notice the left side  has foliage that frames the image and draws the eye to the water.  The three waterfalls serve as…

Maui is famous for geckos

Maui is famous for sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and little green lizards called gecko’s.

Sunset photography workshop

Workshop topics covered will include camera angle, composition, design, & slow shutter speed. speed,

Clients for life

They are as just as in love as they were on their wedding day just little more merrier with their adorable children!

Welcome to Maui Photo Tours & Workshops!

Welcome to Maui Photo Tours.  Our goal is to provide visitors and locals a fun way to see the island and learn photography.  With the digital photography boom more people have cameras then ever before.  Some of these cameras are point and shoot style and dont have a lot of options for the user but…

Splash Portraits

Splash style portraits are fun for the entire family

Maui Family Photography – Our Holiday Portrait Study with Hana

You think photographing my own child as professional photographer is a easy thing to do, right?  Our first daughter, Hana is a tough cookie.  She can destroy any photographer’s confidence.   Her eyes can’t bear Strobe light even with huge defuser box. She won’t allow me to use reflector if sun is to harsh because reflection…

Maui Family Photography – Our Holiday Portrait Study with Aya

Every siblings will come with different personality.  Our younger daughter, Aya is somewhat easier to photograph.  She is 2 years old now.  Maybe that’s why she tend to say “No!” rather “Yes!”  But, it is much easier to negotiate with her. Kids are very sensitive with their senses.  Aya refuse to ware her fancy dress…

Finding the Best Portrait Photographer for your Family

There are hundreds of photographers on Maui. Some are really good and others are very reasonably priced. In order to avoid disappointment invest some time in planning and decide what is most important. Do you want portraits that capture the expression and personalities of your family or just snapshots of your family in Hawaii.

Maui Photo Tours and Workshop – Beach photography tip

When going to the beach to create portraits of people, avoid putting the horizon line in someones head or body.