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Maui Photo Tours and Workshops – Learn photography as a family

Digital cameras these days are small and affordable, and as a result almost every family has one.

Presentation at Maui Camera Club Nov 14th, 2011

Anyone interested in Humpback Whales or sharks will enjoy this program. It is free and open to the public.

Professional Photographer Magazine November Issue

He and his wife, Mieko, run Maui Photography in Hawaii, a family portrait and fine-art photography studio. In addition to commissioned work, Hoffman conducts workshops on underwater, land scape and portrait photography.

After kids go to sleep…

 I like looking up the sky, night and day.  Tonight was still new moon enough to enjoy beautiful Hawaiian star lights.  Van Gogh is my favorite master artist.  I absolutely admire his work “Starry Night”.  This shot has similar composition to that master piece.  This is straight out from my dear Nikon D3.  I may…

Beautiful Laura – Portrait session by Polipoli State Park

We had absolutely fun and gorgeous time doing senior portrait for Laura.   We just printed out 16×24 canvas portrait of her 3/4 shot.  My almost 8 years old daughter who is very much used to see any portraits coming out from Epson large format printer stopped in front of it and told me like…

Including the family pet in portraits.

We love our dogs and include them whenever we do family portraits. Occasionally, we leave the family out and just make portraits of the dogs. We found this to be priceless as Yap passed away last year.

Senior Portraits

You’ve spent the last 17 year raising a child to go out into the world and be a good citizen.  Many families have said the senior portrait marks the period when a child becomes an adult and becomes responsible for their own well being. We are years away from going through that and understand that…

There are occassions when a family should have a portrait created

A lot by people come to Maui to celebrate a family reunion, child going off to college, or 50th wedding anniversary. These occasions are important times in a families history and should be remembered When you think about it having a portrait created while on vacation makes sense. The family is all together and free…

Digital cameras are so ever-present in society today. Even my phone has a camera

Each month we see new and smaller cameras in the hands of tourists coming to Hawaii.  Indeed, i t is getting easier and easier for people to take pictures, Even today’s cell phones are creating photographs. We  think its great because the more the public takes pictures, the more they are learning about photography.  These…

Bring a ladder to work

Taking a step ladder on location helps create better compositions