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Maui Family Photography – Maui’s Winter Weather

Yesterday, It was only 81F down in Kihei.  It was a pleasant day.  It seems wind is dying down this morning.  When we get winter weather in Maui, it may not be so convenient for visitors because we have more chance of rainy days.  But, those various clouds spread all over the sky give us…

Tips for doing family photography this Holiday Season

avoid the tendency to put people in the center of the frame. Instead try putting them a little on the left or right. This change of composition can add a lot of interest and story telling to your photographs.

Maui Family Photography – Family portrait at Charley Young Beach

Enjoy! [youtube]http://sites/[/youtube]    

Maui Family Photography – Pam and her family

We are helping Pam to create her family portrait to decorate her family wall.  She would like to have one larger family portrait and two individual children’s portraits in smaller size.

underwater photography workshop

If you like to dive and take pictures, why not combine the two and take a underwater photography workshopwhile on vacation.

Family is what life is all about

enjoy life’s little moments

Landscape Photography Workshop

We have created a fun workshop that demonstrates several of the most important rules of composition and allows photographers to apply them while creating images on a scenic tour of Maui.

Pet Photography

We are a dog family and believe they should when possible be included in family portraits.   Sometimes its appropriate just to have portraits made of the dogs.     See more pet images at

Maui Photo Tours and Workshops – Learn photography as a family

Digital cameras these days are small and affordable, and as a result almost every family has one.

Presentation at Maui Camera Club Nov 14th, 2011

Anyone interested in Humpback Whales or sharks will enjoy this program. It is free and open to the public.