Celebrate Family with portraits that evoke emotion.

by Douglas Hoffman on May 30, 2021

Siblings in paradise

With all that goes into planning a family vacation in Hawaii, having a family portrait created that captures true expression, emotion, and joy being experienced in Maui. Five years from now these kids will be grown and college bound. One look at this portrait the parents be immediately transported to to happy memories. Imagine when the kids are about to get married or have kids of their own. Newlyweds and couples celebrating an anniversary or just having quality time off together, will cherish portraits that reflect their love and the beauty of Hawaii. Large families celebrating reunions will find incredible value with portraits that celebrate being together.

Celebrating an anniversary

While there are hundreds of photographers in Maui, there are only a few Master Photographers. There is a huge difference. Receiving a Master of Photography degree requires years of education and effort. The photographer must demonstrate technical and artistic mastery of the craft, and participate in continued educational programs. Understanding light and how to manage it in order to create dimension and proper light ratios is critical to capture true emotion and personality of the people being photographed.

Family gathering

People spend a fortune to come to Hawaii and want portraits that show not only their families but also the blue sky, palm trees, sand and surf. It is possible to include all these elements within a portrait, and it’s a shame when photographers are not able to include it within their photos. This why it is so important for families to take the time to research the best photographer for their needs and expectations.

You never get a second chance at a first impression so when it comes to portraits, you get what you pay for. Think of it like this when it comes to doing your taxes do you want the cheapest service advertised, or one that will make sure you get as big a refund as possible, and keep you from being audited. A properly done portrait pays dividends as it increases in value every year.

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