Celebrating Spring Break during Covid

by Douglas Hoffman on March 18, 2021

Over the last year, life has been full of stress, uncertainty, social distancing, and instead of family vacations, it’s been one long staycation. Now that the vaccine is being disseminated, and masks are required for planes many families have gone through through quarantines and tests in order to travel. While the pandemic is still ever-present, those families that take all the precautions and follow all the protocols are having a great time.

Each day, I am out snorkeling, diving, creating landscape photographs, or walking my dogs on the beach and I see families everywhere. Not in the numbers of a few years ago, but they are here. I see the boats out whale watching, fishing, diving, and even traffic is more congested.

While Maui is a small place and our resources are quite limited, unless there is a spike of cases and our hospital is stressed, the time is here to welcome responsible visitors. I am concerned about people that don’t wear masks coming in from states that have loosened requirements but I believe the protocols the state has put in place, coupled with people getting the vaccine, and taking personal responsibility will keep residents of Maui safe, and provide much needed family fun for people that really deserve it.

Spring Break is almost here and families will be looking to do all kinds of activities. There are lots of options as Maui is a tourist destination and one simple google search can provide a lot information about different activities, vendors, and service providers.

Some of the bigger operators have had to lower occupancy and as a result of economics raised prices. Other companies in order to maintain prices have lowered services. This is economics at work. Visitors should do research before coming to Maui so they can sift through the sites until they find the right one. Waiting until on island and using a booking company or concierge might not help you find the perfect tour or service as booking companies and concierge receive an average of 50% of the booking cost. These people listen to what you want then then book the best product that meets their financial goals not your families.

Using Advocate sites like Trip Advisor or looking for personal referrals on Google or Facebook can provide valuable information and help you find the best value regardless of price. If possible support a local operator that has a family. That way you get an authentic experience and support the community not a big corporation.

There are lots of small businesses that specialize in Private experiences and tours. With Covid an issue, these operators offer visitors a unique guest experience with your safety and health in mind.

If interested in a family portrait, private photography workshop, private photo tour, private snorkel tour that includes a video of the highlights check out my services.