Clothing is an important consideration and part of the portrait planning process

by Douglas Hoffman on April 8, 2012

“What should we wear” for our family portrait  is a question Mieko and I get frequently.  I tell clients that as much as we create beautiful portraits that capture the emotion and expressions of their family, we are also creating custom home decor. So it makes sense that the clothes compliment the color scheme of the room the portrait will be displayed in.

This means that for rooms that have soft colors and wooden tones, colors like white, khaki, denim and soft pastels work well.  Clothes with logos, stripes, checks, or loud patterns do not. Black should be avoided.

Our goal is to help families determine the number of different poses or breakdowns desired so we have time to create everything.  Knowing what is desired also allows us the opportunity to inform clients what the costs  are so any issues or inconsistencies can be taken care of.

So, a fair amount of advance planning is required.  While this does take time, it enables families to  make important decisions before they get here so  in the end they get what they really want.

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Our web site has a portrait planning guide and a consumers guide to photography on Maui, located on the family portraiture gallery drop down menu.

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