Companies I Support

Maui Tropical Bound Condos

I get a lot of questions regarding accommodations on Maui, and I always refer Randy, at Maui Tropical Condo rentals.  They have beautiful vacation rentals all over the island, from Kapalua  to Wailea.  Not only does Randy have 30 years of experience, he really cares.  On top of that, the prices he finds are lower than you can find on your own. Known, as Maui Man, Randy is a great source of information and he knows all the best vendors.  Let him help you with all your vacation planning.  Book your dream vacation today.


Not often do I come across a company that impresses me all the way from their corporate philosophy to the products made. Stream2Sea cares about the ocean, coral reefs, marine life, and people and created a line of sunscreen that protects people and the reef. But more than that they make rash guards for people and dogs, shampoo, conditioner, and some of the best De-fog I have ever used.   The owner is a diver and knows how important it is to protect ourselves and the marine life. No harsh chemicals are used in any other products. My dog wears the rash guard every time he goes to the beach.

Breakthrough Photography

This company specializes in making filters for photographers.  I found them about 4 years ago, and have been a fan ever since.   I have used every major filter brand with few exceptions and have to say the products produced by Breakthrough are affordable, high quality, easy to use, guaranteed.  Breakthrough offers a complete range of ND filters, hard and soft graduated, reverse graduated filters, polarizers, and UV filters.   My landscape work is so much better because of these filters.  By managing the light with these filters I am able to control motion and thereby emotion in my photography.

Colorado Tripod Company

These guys are setting the tone in high-quality gear at very reasonable prices. While I have expensive gear from other companies the ball head and tripod I got have never let me down. The tripod is lightweight and sturdy and the ball head I have allows me to go vertical whereas other ball heads don’t.   Great engineering.  For the price of another brand's tripod, you can get a ball head and tripod from these guys.

Dive Island Style

The captain and crew are dedicated to provide a high level of service. The dive briefings are the best. This is one of the boats I like to use when teaching workshops. They provide all kinds of services and are more than just a dive boat.  They are also locally owned and operated.

Maui Dreams Dive Co

This dive shop is great for tank rentals and purchasing gear.  They have a great staff, and everyone there loves diving.  Their website has a lot of information, including current and recent dive reports. The dive boat is spacious.