Composition and Image Design

by Douglas Hoffman on June 3, 2022

Photography is an art. The same rules of composition and image design that apply to painting apply to photography. Elements such as repetition of design, s-curves, diagonal lines, rule of thirds, balance, and proper use of negative space work together to guide the viewers eye through the scene and tell the story.

In this image there are few compositional elements working together. First are vertical lines, next are lines that repeat. The third is diagonal lines. Look how these lines guide your eyes through image.

Another example of how vertical lines work to guide the viewers eye can be seen in the posts running through the fence. Notice how they direct your eyes across the bridge.

Maui Fine Art Photography

The image below features lines as well both in the bridge posts and the waterfall. What makes this portrait stand out though is the balance in the scene.

Maui Photo Workshop and Tours

Using compositional elements like the ones illustrated in this post helps the photographer guide the eye of the view though the image and out. That affects the story telling and overall impact. Indeed, composition is the difference between taking pictures and creating portraits that evoke emotion.

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