Dive Travel connects like minded people and forges lasting friendships

by Douglas Hoffman on April 11, 2022

Being with like minded people who share a passion for scuba diving is one of the best things about dive travel. When 60 feet deep and looking at colorful soft coral it does not matter if you vote red or blue, eat meat or tofu, watch football or the Voice. What matters is the love for the ocean and the life it supports.

During surface intervals, meals, or while soaking up rays at the pool, divers talk about marine life, dive sites, destinations, and gear. This forms connections and friendships that lasts for years.

If you have always traveled on your own it may surprise you how easy it can be to find the right group to join. Here are a few resources that might help find a group that meets your needs

Facebook – Like it or not, this is a good platform for people to share experiences diving, talk about places to travel, and share photographs.

Local dive shop or dive club. Dive shops often offer trips for their clientele in the same way a club offers trips for its members. Many divers are loyal to the shop that trained them or the dive club they belong to and feel confidant to join a trip they are running.

If you are an underwater photographer research trips being led by other photographers. Many times they will have already done the hard work and found the best dive operator and accommodations in that area. Some might even be offering workshops, so you can learn new techniques, be exposed to new ways of thinking, and not waste time going to sites that are not productive.

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I hope the resources suggested are helpful and that you all have great dive adventures