Don’t always have to walk far to find beauty in Maui

by Douglas Hoffman on December 23, 2015

Living on the edge

                                                                      On the edge


Literally three feet behind me is the road.  I simply pulled over got out of the car, set up the tripod, and created this image.   Is it always this easy no.   But, it can be.   Beauty is everywhere in Hawaii.  So, rather than go fast, take your time and enjoy the scenery.  The best way to see the island is not on a bus. Pack a lunch, and sense of adventure as well as patience as driving in Maui can be intense.  We do not have multi lane highways but do have plenty of one lane curvy roads.  Should you g on the road to Hana, please keep in mind there are hundreds of blind curves and the drivers want to get where they are going just as badly as you do.  Drive with aloha. Don get frustrated.  Please stop at the horizontal lines before a corner.  It could save your life…..  Enough said, now enjoy yourself.  This is one of the prettiest drives anywhere in the world.