Environmental portraits create interaction, emotion, and life long memories

by Douglas Hoffman on April 27, 2020


Right now families around the world are looking forward to when it’s safe to travel.  Here in Maui the beaches are currently empty but soon enough families will return and enjoy quality time outside.  With so many families having suffered emotional and financial stress during the pandemic, creating happy memories is more important than ever.

Family interaction

This post is written to provide a little insight regarding portrait style for families that would like to have a portrait commissioned.  The portrait above is wide angle environmental portrait.  In this style the viewer sees the family in Hawaii.  The trees, beach, ocean, and island are all part of the composition.  Now, take a closer look.   In order to fit everything in, the heads of the people are small. In order for you to feel this portrait appropriately in your home it will need to be printed at an appropriate size.

Families interested in a traditional style portrait where the people are posed, facing the camera, and the location or background is not a major part of the composition will find that regardless of any prints made the head size is appropriate and the viewer can easily see the faces and expressions.family portrait 2

Environmental portraits.  This style is popular with seniors and families that want to have a portrait that highlights an individual and also shows their personality and location.



I hope this post helps families visualize just a few possibilities when it comes to portraits on the beach in Maui.   Aloha!