Vacations are there perfect time to have a family portrait created.

by Douglas Hoffman on September 19, 2022

Life gets busy with kids. Activities, sports, music lessons, homework, school, and friends demand a lot time. Being the parent is no easier with demanding jobs that require lots of time. So there is not a lot of quality time spent together. When on vacation everyone has time together. Families actually do things together and for the most part get along. In these moments real personalities shine through, and the time is perfect to have a family portrait created.

In Maui, everything is expensive and selecting a photographer can be an overwhelming process. Most families do not have portraits created often and don’t really know what questions to ask, or what to look for in sample photos. As a result they shop mostly by price.

I tell prospective clients to determine what it s they want to get before the session. Do they need graduation photos, holiday card photos, 5 x 7 size photos for the staircase of fame, large wall portraits to be displayed in their home, set of high resolution photos from the session, or something else.

Next, I tell them to check out what professional portraits cost where they live, realize Maui has the highest cost of living in the country, then make a budget. Like any industry involving professional services, people tend to charge what they think they are worth.

A photographer with 20 years experience, and master of photography degree will charge more than someone who is just entering the business. I recommend perspective clients take a look at at least 5 photographers and check out their images, prices, and testimonials.

The real key to a successful portrait session starts with portrait planning well before the client packs for Hawaii. This way the style of portrait and clothing can be discussed so the family portrait fits the decor and style of the house.

If your family is coming to Maui, or you know someone coming is, please send this information.