Find the right Snorkel Tour for your needs.

by Douglas Hoffman on May 4, 2021

While the experience of boating is fun and exciting, going from the shore is an option when it comes to snorkeling. The coastline is dotted with shallow reefs that are home to octopus, frog fish, leaf fish, tangs, surgeon fish, and Hawaii green sea Turtles also called Honu. Molokini Island, the major boating destination has clear water, heathy reefs, but has lots of boats and no turtles. Honu is the Hawaiian name for turtles, and they live off shore feeding on algae and seaweed in the shallow waters. When not feeding or resting Honu, spend time at cleaning stations on the reef. These are areas where specialized fish fish set up a station and clean or remove debris from other fish. It’s like an underwater car wash.

Boat charters always have a snorkel wrangler in the water, or sitting on top of a stand up paddle board to keep an eye out for safety. However, with many swimmers in the water and safety a high priority, it’s hard to point out critters to everyone. Sometimes the water is simply too deep for visitors to see exactly what the guide might be pointing out. For example, if a frog fish is spotted and the depth is more than 15 feet, its hard to spot from the surface.

Frog Fish

Going on a private snorkel tour with a marine naturalist dedicated to leading clients along the reef pointing out marline life and behaviors is an incredible experience. Not only is the guide looking out for your safety, but using years of experience in the water to know where to go based on conditions, and be right there to explain the behavior. That makes it educational and fun.

I have been leading scuba and snorkeling tours since 2006 and have a lot of experience in the water. While international tours are on hold due to the pandemic, Maui tours are offered year round. I look forward to helping you create memories that last a lifetime. Thats why during the tour, I video the highlights and share them in a drop box after the adventure. This activity is fun for couples or the entire family.