Finding the Best Portrait Photographer for your Family

by Douglas Hoffman on November 14, 2011

With the holidays approaching, many families are considering having portraits commissioned.  This Maui portraiture guide was written to help consumers find the best photographer for their family.

Sunset portrait at Po'olenalena Beach

There are hundreds of photographers on Maui.  Some are really good while others are very reasonably priced. In order to avoid disappointment it is good to invest some time in planning and decide what is most important to your family.

Do you want portraits that capture the expression and personalities of your family or just snapshots in Hawaii. Are you looking for something to put on the wall over the fireplace or a few gift prints to send to grandma and Grandpa?  The point is the more planning you do before hiring a photographer the happier you will be with the results.

Here are some questions to think about as you plan.

What is the primary reason having a portrait created now?

How many different portraits, family poses or breakdowns do you want?

Do you want formal or casual portraits?

Do you envision portraits with peoples faces looking at camera, looking at baby, looking off camera, looking at each other.  Please explain your vision.

Do you want a portrait that tells the story of living in Hawaii, or do you want portraits that focus more on the people less of the environment.

If you could go anywhere you wanted to make the portrait where would you go?

Will you need duplicates of any images as gifts for family members?

Do you know where in your home the portraits will be displayed? Would the space complement a vertical or horizontal portrait?

What products are you interested in? coffee table books, paintings, collages, canvas portraits, Kodak Prints, discs of images, music slide shows, holiday cards, e.t.c…

Do you have an established budget?

Have you thought about what to wear?