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Private photography workshops, snorkel tours, portrait sessions, and fine art with Maui’s Master Photographer, Douglas J. Hoffman

Create Life-long Memories

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You Only Have One Chance to Create Lifelong Memories

Whether you’re commissioning fine art, creating family portriats, or looking for a photography workshop, you’re faced with a lot of options. Your time on Maui is precious, and you want your expectations met or exceeded, so selecting the right professional to work with is important. Don’t leave capturing the memories up to chance. You could be faced with:

  • Pictures that anyone could take, rather than portraits that evoke emotion and capture your family's personality.

  • Going on a snorkel tour where you're just part of a crowd rather than on a tour dedicated just to you.
  • Going on a photo workshop that goes to all the places in the guide book rather than locations best suited for the client, or that does not offer instruction or use of equipment.
  • Hiring the wrong vendors and feeling like you wasted money.
  • Days on vacation are precious and you want to make the most of your time and not feel like you missed opportunities
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You Only Have One Chance to Create Lifelong Memories

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I know that you want your family to remember your trip to Maui forever. The best way to do that is to capture the magic of Maui in photographs. The problem is that while pictures are easier than ever to take, creating emotional portraits of a family, stunning landscapes, & underwater photographs requires an understanding of composition, lighting, camera mechanics, as well as artistic ability.

I believe great photography has the power to invoke emotion and capture memories in powerful ways. The opposite is also true as poor quality photographs will conjure up negative emotions and memories. Time on vacation is short and you deserve photography that reflects your treasured time on Maui. That’s why I’ve been helping families like yours create Maui memories through photography since 2002.

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Photography Workshops, Photo Tours, Family Portraits, Fine Art How I Help You Get Great Photography

Private landscape, underwater, snorkel, and custom workshops available

Private snorkel tours and custom photography tours

On-location sessions for families, couples, and groups

Open and limited editions available for purchase or lease

Your Trip Was Amazing. Your Photos Should Be, Too!

Maui is simply amazing to experience. You want to visit again as soon as you have to leave and you want to tell your friends all about your time there. You want the memories to last forever.

Whether you’re learning to take your own photos, commissioning professional portraits, or investing in art prints, you can run the risk of getting photos that just don’t quite match the level of excitement you felt on your trip. It doesn’t have to be that way. Make sure your photos are as amazing as your time on Maui.

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