Some people fish, others play golf. How do you relax.

by Douglas Hoffman on July 22, 2021

A lot of people come to Maui, to get away from everyday life and relax. There is a lot to be said for relaxing, as this is something people tend not to do enough. Everyday life is so hectic that people need time to off gas all the stuff that goes on in daily life.

Mystical Sunset

At sunset I see people head to the beach to enjoy a few minutes of zen. I have to admit is very soothing and peaceful.

Many people go snorkeling or diving and just let go of everything. These people enjoy seeing the sand swirl on the bottom, the sunlight flicker in the water, the majesty of the reef, and behavior of the fish.

Time To Reflect

Regardless if you do an activity or just sit on the beach, the ability to live within those moments, creates balance and joy. So remember to relax and enjoy the moment.