Matter of perspective

by Douglas Hoffman on April 1, 2022

As a photographic artist there are many compositional tools available to create images that evoke emotion. For example, I can slow the shutter down to create motion and emotion in the finished image. I can also choose a lens that has unique perspective to create a different look and feel.

I used a 8-15 mm lens in the above image as it carries a 360 degree view. This is unique and people tend to spend more time looking at it because its perspective is unusual.

This lens can be used underwater but as it is so wide attention to lighting is important. As the lens is so wide the strobes need to be behind the camera housing handles and pointed off to the side so that the edge of the light reaches the subject but does not light all the water between camera and subject.

In the image above I am two feet away from the turtle and have the strobes behind me set at 3/4 power o left side and full power on right. I wanted a bit of ratio on the light with a bit more power on the sunny side.

This image used no strobe and wanted to tell the story of divers enjoying every minute underwater as the end of their dives draws near.