Image of the Week – Back To School

by Douglas Hoffman on May 7, 2021

This week I am featuring a portrait that has been recently created and will no doubt be added to my collection of open edition art in the future. The portrait is titled, “Back to School”. Created at Mala Wharf, this environmental wide angle reef perspective shows a school of fish within the structure of broken pilings from the decaying wharf. It seemed to me the fish were in an underwater classroom as their attention was pointed in one direction, as if the teacher was making a point.

I used a Nikon d850 in a nexus housing with a 15 mm lens, and 180 mm dome port, two Ikelite DS150 strobes. Exposure was F-8 @ 1/125th. Strobes set manually with the right one 1 stop lower in power. Learn more about underwater photography in a private workshop or international photo tour.