Image of the Week – King of The Forest

by Douglas Hoffman on April 30, 2021

When planning a long or difficult hike, it is important to consider what equipment to bring. When climbing up a vertical cliff or traversing a slippery slope, the less weight you’re carrying the better. I usually pack two camera bodies, 2-3 lenses, all the filters that might be needed, a tripod, and water. On this hike however, I had one image in mind and took as little gear as possible. I knew the hike would be vigorous. And, it was.

I reached the tree within an hour and sat under its branches to catch my breath and soak in it’s majesty. I walked around the tree and based on the sunlight and forest growth, selected a spot to create portraits. After several exposures, I took another look around the tree and found this composition.

Patience as well as understanding your limits and capabilities are two elements of landscape photography that are often overlooked. When leading a workshop, I select locations that clients can navigate safely in order to create images and improve their skills.

King of the Forest is part of a limited edition and available only online