Just add water

by Douglas Hoffman on November 15, 2013

Morning moisture

On a recent workshop, I was walking along the path towards the ocean when I spied this Cannily with water drops.  I had the camera set up for wide angle landscape portraits but found this scene compelling enough to rush back to the car and grab my 60-180 macro zoom lens.  This is a very specialized lens, that produces great images but as I do so much landscape and nature photography I seldom put this lens in the gear bag.  I am in fact not sure why I did on this particular day but am so happy I did.

I am always looking for pools of water that have reflections, and now I will will also be on the lookout for leaves and vegetation that might have some morning moisture.   I am partial to images that have a water element. Perhaps it is because I read so many Huckleberry Finn stories as a kid, or that I am a dedicated diver.  Whatever the reason water captures my imagination.

One of the great things about photography as it enables each person to express themselves and how they see our world.  If coming to Maui, please join me for a fun day of photography