Learn how to make beautiful images during harsh light with Maui Photo Tours and Workshops

by Douglas Hoffman on April 17, 2014

Making beautiful photographs in harsh light

Making beautiful photographs in harsh light


The island of Maui is so beautiful, and many people want to capture the beauty in photographs to take home and share with their friends and family.   The problem is that during the day the light is harsh and most often the sky is much brighter than the foreground.  These problems can be dealt with using polarizer filters which helps to eliminate glare and increase saturation and using graduated neutral density filters.  In this image I used a 3 stop graduated soft filter by Hi-Tech.  It slides into a filter holder making it quite easy to use. Soft means that the transition of diffusion is soft not hard.  This makes a smooth transition of light as it is captured by the digital chip.


Bringing down the light value of the sky enabled me to slow the shutter down enough to capture the motion of the waves hitting the rocky coast line.   The result is a very nice image that otherwise could not have been created.


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