Learning one thing can make a difference.

by Douglas Hoffman on August 12, 2022

In many ways, it’s all the little things that add up to specialized knowledge and proficiency in a chosen field. I participated in many workshops relating to photography. Some were a day and others a week long. By the time each one was over I learned a few things that have helped me throughout my career.

Here are four common sense tips that might be helpful.

1. Once you think you’re done creating land or seascape images at a location, look around. It may be that you see something better.

2. Shoot from a different perspective and create a unique view. Shoot from a different height, or with a different lens

3. Composition is what separates a picture from a portrait. Learn the rules and elements.

4. Motion evokes emotion. Freeze the action with a fast shutter speed and slow it down with a slow shutter speed.