Learning a new discipline takes time

by Douglas Hoffman on April 12, 2023

I purchased a super macro wet lens recently as I wanted to dive into the world of super macro underwater photography. My friend Mark Strickland provided some guidance and helped me select a flip top system with a Nauticam SMC-1.

I am not a newbie to macro but am to super macro, and from my first few dives can tell I have a lot to learn. Swell happens, and depth of field is a bitch. It’s a lot to deal with as the moment things are in focus, I move and everything becomes fuzzy again.

I don’t want to grab a hold of something to steady myself in order to make a photograph. I prefer my photographs inspire conservation not illuminate bad behavior. To avoid contacting the reef, I have used a pointer to steady myself. But, still it is hard. What I find most difficult is locating the subject once the diopter is flipped into place. The more I use the lens the better I will get, and hopefully things will come together for me when diving in conditions with less surge.

I will travel to the Philippines soon and hopefully have the opportunity to create some beautiful images with the this tool.

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