Logistics of Planning International Travel

by Douglas Hoffman on March 23, 2023

With the pandemic in a different phase, many countries have allowed travel and that is great news for adventure seeking scuba divers and underwater photographers. Below is a list of things to do that will help minimize mistakes.

  1. Make sure their 6 months left on passport
  2. Check with the countries you intend visit health regulations, especially vaccination requirements
  3. Make sure DAN insurance is current, and that supplemental trip insurance is obtained
  4. If taking my own gear, have it serviced before the trip, then do a test dive or two to be sure.
  5. Shop for tickets on a Tuesday morning as that is proven to be cheapest price
  6. Make sure you have a packing list that includes things like spare o-rings, silicone, media cards, card reader, external hard drive, batteries, chargers, ports, lenses, strobe arms, reef hook, defog, flash light, e.t.c.

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