Looking at other photographers work is a great way to learn

by Douglas Hoffman on April 15, 2012

I am the kind of person that reads a book with the intent to learn but somehow the information just seems to go through one eye, then out other. I learn better by doing it, than by reading how its done.  That  said, I have found it of  value to look at fine art & decor style photography in magazines and websites. I look at the image design and composition in an effort to understand why the image maker placed the subject where he or she did, how the negative space supports the overall design, and how my eyes move through the photograph. Is there something I would have done different?, and can I recognize any particular rule of composition.

Thanks to the internet there are countless online magazines, websites and blogs to check out to see photography.  Simply do a search for the kind of photography that interests you and go for it.   I also think its a good idea to search for styles and types of photography that do not interest you.  It does not matter if you like the photograph. What matters is that you see and learn different styles of design and composition so that you can try them with your style and see what works.

If you like landscape portraiture look up Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, John Sexton, Tony Sweet  If interested in fine art photography  or  family portraiture check these sites out.