Maui Family Photography – Our Holiday Portrait Study with Hana

by Douglas Hoffman on November 15, 2011

You think photographing my own child as professional photographer is a easy thing to do, right?  Our first daughter, Hana is a tough cookie.  She can destroy any photographer’s confidence.   Her eyes can’t bear Strobe light even with huge defuser box. She won’t allow me to use reflector if sun is to harsh because reflection will be too strong.  She will only give me squint.  On top of that, her eyes know exactly when I press shutter button and her eye lids go down at the same time.  So I have to photograph her at late afternoon, use shallow depth of field and slower shutter speed. It will be extremely difficult if subject moves with this kind of setting.  Guess what?  she fidget through while I take photographs of her…  Lol!