Maui Landscape Photography

by Douglas Hoffman on May 13, 2022

People from around the world come to Maui, for action. Everyone of them will take pictures to remember their time in Paradise. Most will do it with a cell phone as the app in the phone makes it so easy. The rest will do it old school and bring a camera and tripod.

Many people find it relaxing to tour the island and create portraits of all the beautiful scenery. After-all what better way to see Maui, then check out the accessible points of interest. Our island has incredible beauty in the interior as well as sandy beaches, rocky coastline, and lots of lava rock.

Here is what you will need to have with you. Like a camera needs a tripod for stability, a photographer needs good footwear. Bring something that can get wet and dirty but provide support on slippery ground. Do not wear slipper style sandals. Have a light weight rain jacket, tripod with ball head, extra camera battery, media card, wide angle lens, lens clothe, hat, neutral density filters, hard and soft graduated neutral density divers, reverse hard graduated neutral density filter.

There are many types of ND filters. I like the magnetic ND filters by Breakthrough Photography as the slide in graduated hard and soft, and reverse ND filters. These filters will make a huge difference and make it possible to create photographs all day long.

Maui Photo Tours

Filters allow the photographer to manage light. Composition allows the photographer to tell the story and evoke emotional response. Learn about both of these aspects of photography in a private workshop.

A slow shutter speed and 6 stop ND filter, were used to create this image.