Maui Photo Tour with Bob

by Douglas Hoffman on March 29, 2012

Bob and I got up well before the crack of dawn and went out along the north shore in order to make landscape photographs of Maui.   We visited several locations and while we created images we talked about image design.

This means seeing the photograph in your mind before  pressing the shutter.  In other words you consider the foreground, back ground, diagonal lines, S-curves, lines of repetition, framing, negative space, and then decide how to arange these elements within the frame to evoke the response you want.

This image of Bob, was created at a local waterfall. While the trail was short it was not easy terrain. Bob did seem to have an issue with the slippery ground and wasted no time finding a position to start making photographs.

Bob used the rocks and tree stump as a foreground element.  He also used a 45 degree view finder to help him see what was in the frame.  At 81 years old he didn’t want to bend over too much in order to  see what he was photographing. I am 49 years old, and think that viewfinder is a great tool.


For information on photo tours or workshops check our sites.  To get the most out of the experience please read the manual of the camera and be a little bit familiar with the settings.