Maui Photo Tour with Izabelle

by Douglas Hoffman on December 7, 2011


sunrise portraits along MAui's north shore

Izabella, a marketing professional and less-experienced photographer on her 1st trip to Maui, met me in Kahului.  We started our early morning shoot at “Baby Beach” in Sprecklesville.  It was wet and the rocks were very slippery, so we were very careful as we got her set up for slow shutter speed exposures to catch the ocean surge through the dark rocks.

Izabella working on composition at sunrise

Our second destination was the bamboo forest.   It had rained overnight, and it rained on us while we were there, but we found periods of light amidst the bamboo, and made our way to two lovely waterfalls.  Again we tried some slow shutter speed shots with the tripod, but we had more fun finding different angles and discussing what to include in the frame, and what to leave out.

Looking for angles and different points of view in the bamboo forest


Izabella will probably acquire a wide-angle lens and some neutral density filters for future shoots.  She was inspired, and looks forward to another tour with us on her next trip to Maui.


Waterfall in the bamboo forest

Working with Izabella was inspiring.  It’s so much fun watching someone who is passionate about photography learn and grow.