Maui Photo Tours – Molokai Moon Sunset Panorama

by Douglas Hoffman on December 16, 2011

This unusual sunset is different not just because it was shot from a cruise ship off Lahaina, but because it is composed from three photographs.  The initial photograph – left side – was a lovely sunset composition in itself, but adding the right side felt somehow more complete.  Yet when I put them together, I felt one more element was needed.


As it turns out, there was a lovely full moon in that deep blue sky, but it was further to the right.  So by copying just the moon from another photograph, and positioning it where it felt right, I was able to complete the composition,  Next came a bit of artwork in photoshop. I wanted to create the shimmer on the water that a moon would like cast.   Using Photoshop’s Dodge tool set to the diameter of the moon at 100% soft, and 15% opacity, I gently lightened the ocean directly under the moon until my eye told me it was right.