Maui Photo Tours suggests using a tripod when creating landscape photography

by Douglas Hoffman on March 24, 2014

At Maui Photo Tours and Workshops, we know it is a hassle  for Visitors  to pack a tripod.  Luggage restrictions are so harsh these days not to mention tripods are bulky and hard to fin in the suitcase or carry on.  We get it. That is why we have a light weight travel style tripod for rent. The cost is $25.  That said we do suggest people bring their own as they will likely need it throughout their time in Maui.  Heres why.  Hand holding the camera allows for camera shake to be a factor.  This can ruin a photograph. Another even more compelling reason is that you can’t hand hold a camera and select a slow shutter speed.   In Maui, we have streams, waterfalls, and a beautiful ocean.   These are great opportunities to be creative and use slow shutter speeds to make the water look misty, frothy, and surreal.

Father and daughter taking a landscape photography and composition  workshop.

Father and daughter taking a landscape photography and composition workshop.

David and Allison above are using their tripods to create photographs with slow shutter speeds ranging from  1/15th – 1/2 second.  In this way they are able to slow the water movement down and add an artistic element.

Keanae.1 copy

This is an example of what slowing the shutter speed can do to add excitement to an image.


So if you want to have the opportunity to create these kinds of images,you need to have a tripod. If you don’t own yet, take some time and shop around for an aluminum or carbon fiber tripod that is light weight.  A good brand to consider for budget minded photographers is meFoto.  If you have a bigger budget check out tripods by Gitzo.

Remember to wipe your tripod down at the end of each shooting day to get rid of sand, dirt, and grime.  A slightly soap wash cloth will do the job.

Happy imaging everyone!


Photo proved by Douglas Hoffman