Maui Photo Tours Workshops teaches you how filters can help create the mood of an image

by Douglas Hoffman on March 16, 2014


10 stop filter with 3 stops minus exposure compensation

10 stop neutral density filter


Graduated neutral density filters allow photographers to create the mood or emotion of an image by controlling the amount of light in a scene.   In this image created on a Maui Photo Tour, a 10 stop neutral density filter was used.   Using this filter brought the exposure down from the top portion of the image which allowed the use of a slow shutter speed which turned the water into a swirling mist. This dramatically changed the mood and emotion of the scene.

If interested in learning how to use filters join us for a Maui Photo Tour Workshop.  Learn photography while seeing picturesque locations on Maui.  Call 808 870 3686 with questions or to make a reservation.