Maui Photography Workshop & Island Tour

by Douglas Hoffman on May 7, 2012

One of the things I love about photography is that it gives people, myself included,  the chance to be creative and try things.  For example, this week I had the pleasure of doing a landscape workshop and island tour with Megan. Throughout our day we visited what  a selection of  locations that offer iconic Maui views, with no crowds or large tour busses in the way.

We started at sunrise and the tide was very low, exposing the seaweed, and rock moss to the air.  These textures and colors are seldom visible as they are usually just under the surface. Large rocks that would normally be a natural surf break,   now contained small pools of still water.  This allowed me to try something new.


We also did some exercises on framing, lines of repetition, and rules of thirds in the bamboo forest.   We timed it just right as the rain stopped just minutes before we arrived.  The ground was wet and slick, but the light was soft.


We also found a spot that had a few fell tree’s with fungus growing on them.  Across the road Megan found some moss to photograph with a macro lens.

We also spent some quality time at one of Maui’s most beautiful and accessible waterfalls. Fortunately we timed it right and had the area to ourselves for about 20 minutes.

If you know someone coming to Maui, that loves photography tell them about Maui Photo Tours.  If interested in doing a underwater photography workshop in Indonesia or Fiji, or swimming with whales in Tonga, tell them about Professional Photographer Douglas Hoffman