North Shore Sunrise

by Douglas Hoffman on April 9, 2012

Most of the people getting up before dawn on Maui are either going to work,  fishing or scuba diving. There are a few though that get up early in order to get to a beautiful location so when the sun comes up they cm make landscape and island scenic photographs like this.  When the light is low and directional it is possible to make beautiful portraits.   By 8:30 Am the sun is high enough in the sky to cause harsh shadows making it difficult to make photographs along the coast.

This image was created last week just minutes after sunrise.  I wanted to show the wide angle view of Hawaii’s beautiful coastline and decided to use the fish eye lens.  In part that decision was made  because the lens has a 180 degree angle of view, but also because  I love the way the image bends at the ends.

We live on a round planet and I think its refreshing to see the curve of the horizon rather than the flat line were used to seeing.

The portrait will be printed as  30 x 60 and will be displayed in Waterfront Restaurants private dining room. The restaurant has changed locations and will re-open in May 2012.  I am so fortunate to be producing all of the art for decor.

If interested in a participating in a photography workshop or tour check out Maui Photo Tours.  Click here interested in fine art photography.