Part of the excitement of dive travel is planning it

by Douglas Hoffman on April 25, 2022

I spent the day today looking at flights and option for an upcoming trip to the Philippines. This will be my first time traveling to this country and it brings back the excitement felt planning travel to Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Time spent planning is fun a part of the experience. The more I put into it, the better the adventure will be.

I will be the guest photo pro on the July 14-24 2022 Malapascua and Visayas charter on the M/Y Siren. While I have been on several Siren trips, this is my first time going to the Philippines. I will fly in and out of Cebu, and am planning on adding a week or so to the trip. After all the distance is far and plane ride long.

The first area I am considering is Malapascua Island. I have read reports that in addition to the thresher shark dive the area has several great dive sites. There are a lot of choices for accommodations and diving and the time seems to simply disappear as I search online for information.

Moalboal is another area I am considering. It is famous for a big swirling ball of fish and several good dives off Pescado island. The dive shops here also offers tours to Obslob an area that is famous for Whale Sharks. I am also researching places to stay and who to dive with. I think a Total 16-18 days of diving, will be perfect. Enough time to enjoy 30-40 dives and deal with sitting in a plane for 15 hours.

I am looking to sharing photography techniques and meeting new people, but I am really excited to go somewhere new.