Paying it forward working with Kaili, who is about to graduate with a photography degree from Langara College

by Douglas Hoffman on January 5, 2016

turtle 1

We will be doing a sunrise workshop later in the week and this is one of the locations I will go to.  Ho’okipa Maui, has a small group of turtles that haul out for the night and sleep on the beach.   Well who wouldn’t like to sleep under the stars in Maui right.  Well, they actually do it to stay alive as Tiger Sharks hurt at night.

Anyway, were going to work on composition and image design techniques, then create some portraits of a man and wife that will soon have a baby.


working with motion

                                                                 working with motion


If your coming to Maui and want to learn about landscape photography, give us a call 808 870 3686.