Photography Workshops are vital to improve

by Douglas Hoffman on May 20, 2022

Over the course of my photography career I made it a point to participate in one workshop a year. Upon earning the Master of Photography Degree I wanted to help other photographers improve their knowledge and skill set and started teaching landscape and underwater water photography.

Everyone learns differently. Some can read and retain knowledge. Some can watch a video on Youtube. Others do better when they hear and see something explained, then apply the knowledge and see the result. This is because more of their senses are engaged.

Landscape and underwater photography require a certain amount of knowledge but to be a good underwater photographer, the individual must first and foremost be a good diver and have mastered buoyancy.

I offer private workshops throughout the year in Maui, for both landscape an underwater photography. I also offer a week long underwater workshop in Fiji, which includes a week accommodations 15 boat dives, nitrox, meals, and airport transfer. The next is scheduled May 19-25 2024. Details are on my site