Practice makes perfect

by Douglas Hoffman on April 29, 2022

Professional athletes practice their sport for hours on end, so that when the moment comes they perform at a high level. Many elite athletes have personal coach as it takes dedication, perseverance, and mastery to excel.

Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga
Baby Humpback Whale

The same is true for photography. The more time I spend behind the lens the more the technical and artistic aspects of photography become second nature. As my mind thinks my hands respond automatically.

Using the camera every week builds and maintains muscle memory. Shooting frequently keeps my hands and fingers in sync with where the knobs and buttons are. This enables me to fine tune composition with out moving my eye from the viewfinder.

Maui Photographer, Landscape
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I live on an island and there are a finite number of places to go, but since the surf, tide, and weather changes every day, the possibilities become infinite. For example, the day I created this sunset portrait, the tide was out, and rocks that are usually hidden were exposed.

Underwater and landscape photography are similar in that nature cannot be controlled. Photographers must go with the flow, and this is where all that practice pays off.