Master Photographer – What does it mean?

by Douglas Hoffman on June 8, 2021

Earning a college or advanced degree indicates extensive training, experience and education. Professional organizations that deal with particular businesses have formed associations to ensure members receive the best possible training. The Professional Photographers Of America is a non-profit trade organization that promotes continued education and advanced degrees dedicated to photography.

The PPA offers photographers several advanced degrees, one of them is the Master of Photography Degree. This degree requires years of effort, participation, education, print critique and competition at the highest level. Once the criteria is met the degree is awarded for superior photographic skills demonstrated through the Photographic Open category of PPA’s International Photographic Competition, advanced education, and service to the industry.

this image won gold medal in our world underwater. Close up face portriat of baby whale

I earned my Master of Photography Degree in 2012, and was presented it in 2013. I was also the Bronze Level photographer of the year. It took over a decade to meet the requirements and looking back at all of the conventions, classes, and workshops I participated in, I realize how much was learned. If not for the business practices, and education I received there is no doubt I would not be in business today.

Having the degree allows me to ethically include in my information, the term Master Photographer. While a good marketing term, showing the degree is meant to give clients confidence that I have education, experience, and passion for my craft.

If having a family portrait is important, remember the old adage that you get what you pay for. When you hire a seasoned professional you’re more likely to get what you envisioned rather than be disappointed. The same is true for a photography workshop. For information on how I can be of service click here

In todays world, price is such an important part of the shopping process, that quality is often a second priority. That said Photography is an art based on technical skill and experience. An experienced portrait artist creates portraits that evoke emotion where as a newer photographer takes pictures and documents and event.