Recent Family Session at Po’olenalena Beach

by Douglas Hoffman on April 19, 2010

Over the years we have created portraits that will be appreciated for generations to come. Happily we have witnessed clients start out as couples getting married, have babies that grow into young children, become teenagers, and eventually get married and start families of their own. As parents we understand the joy of family.

As portrait artists we understand the responsibility to provide clients with images that have meaning and cause an emotional response when viewed today as well as ten years from now. Why am I bringing all this up now you ask., well, recently I had the pleasure of meeting a family that had fun. More fun than than many families, and I will forever remember their grins and laughter.

We had already created the primary portrait request of the family walking along on the beach interacting with each other while enjoying the beauty of Maui, and decided it was ok to get dirty, sandy, or wet. Within a few minutes everyone was wet and laying in the sand giggling when a rogue wave swept through. Without wasting a breath, they asked if they could wade out in the surf and play. I ended up catching their enthusiasm and waded out till I was concerned for the camera.

I will always remember the feeling of joy I felt watching this family and hope that long after the kids grow up and move out, the portraits created will always bring the family back to Maui.