Recent sunrise workshop along Maui’s North Shore

by Douglas Hoffman on November 6, 2013

blog image 2 9:30Meet Caralee. Oops, she’s busy right now and can’t come the computer to say hello. Caralee is having an incredible time making landscape photographs of a beautiful beach, rocky shoreline, and calm water. We spent almost 90 minutes in this area as there are no shortage of incredible views.  Caralee took her time and worked the left side of the point, and then we crossed over to the left side and had even more fun.   Below is the view to the East.

beach 1



This is the view toward the West side.


reflection 1.1 The composition concepts we talked about included diagonal lines, repetitive lines, rule of thirds, foreground, mid ground, and background, and how these concepts can be used to create stunning compositions that tell a story and evoke a response.  I will post some of her images in upcoming blogs.   Stay tuned.