Sea and Sea MDX Nikon Z7II Housing

by Douglas Hoffman on December 16, 2021

I have relied on Nexus Underwater Housings for nine different Nikon cameras. Recently, I upgraded from the D850, to the Mirrorless Z7II. As it happens Nexus is not making new camera housings and I needed to select a different brand. Change is not easy when it comes to underwater equipment as a housing is a precision tool. I had several brands to choose from and in the end decided on a Sea and Sea MDX housing.

One of the reasons was a bit of brand loyalty. In the early 90’s, I was getting published in two of Japans premier dive magazines, and as a result was sponsored by Sea and Sea. The company sent me four YS300 strobes and I used them on thousands of dives.

While no longer sponsored by Sea and Sea, I got in touch with the dealer in the USA to learn more about the housing. I spoke at length with Andy Sallmon, and learned the housing allowed access to the buttons and controls needed to shoot still and video, and about the ease and security of the port locking system. The final factor that led to the decision to purchase a Sea and Sea housing was becoming aware of a third party manufacturer that made an adapter ring that would allow using a nexus Nexus dome on the Sea and Sea Housing.

So far I have taken the housing on about 20 dives and created images with three different ports including a 215 mm dome, 170 mm dome, and 50 mm macro. I am impressed with the housing in terms of quality, ergonomics, and ease of use.