Seldom visited Maui location

by Douglas Hoffman on November 27, 2013

42016_Hana Path 2This beautiful Maui location is seldom visited because it is well off the beaten path.  I lived here for 20 years before I found it.  Truth be told I found it by accident.  We were driving back from Hana around the back side when the dogs started making sounds like they needed to pee.  So I pulled over at an interesting looking point.  We found the trail and walked it for about 15 minutes.  It stopped at a stream that lead to a waterfall.

I am careful and respectful not to trespass on peoples land and was so happy to find a sign saying the location was a state park. Whenever we go to Hana now, we always try to visit this well hidden park.  Sometimes the waterfall is flowing, other times it is not, but regardless the forest and trail is very impressive and a great place to create some photographs