Maui Photography Workshops



  • 1 Tank Dive


    Private Underwater Photography Workshop that includes one dive.   This workshop teaches underwater photographers why neutral buoyancy is so important and how to manage light underwater.  Divers will practice skills which will help them create better photographs as they move forward.
    Time: 4 – 5 hours

  • 2 Tank Dive


    Private Underwater Photography Workshop for certified divers with at least 25 dives experience.  Instructor Douglas J Hoffman, has been creating photographs underwater since 1992, and has over 10,000 dives experience to go with his Master of Photography Degree.    Workshops are dedicated to teaching good buoyancy habits, and helping divers learn to manage strobe light and create photographs that evoke emotion.
    Time: 7-8  hours

  • Boat Charter Dive and Photography Workshop


    Private underwater photography workshop conducted from a local boat charter.  Sometimes conditions make it wise to dive from a boat rather than the shore. Boats have lots of sites to choose from and can select spots that have good visibility.  This is good because swell happens and sometimes the conditions along the shore are less than optimum.   We typically join a local dive boat out of the Kihei Boat ramp and do two dives. While underwater the participant will practice a variety of skills relating to buoyancy, setting the exposure, and managing light.  After the charter we will meet to download files and review images.  Time: 6-8 hours

Private Instruction