Maui Landscape Photography Workshops


All workshops and tours are private. That means only the client and person(s) sharing same accommodations. My 2018 SUV can accommodate up to three people. While we will be going to beautiful locations the emphasis is on photography, so keep in mind some family members may get bored.

What's Included

  • Landscape Photography Guide PDF 
    • Key elements of Landscape photography
    • Discussions relating to camera modes
    • Tips on exposure, focus, depth of field, composition, managing light using ND and graduated ND filters, and more
  • Use of a Professional tripod with ball head
  • A variety of ND filters
  • Cold drinks and healthy snacks

How It Works

  1. We meet at designated location and time then go in one vehicle to first spot.  On the way we talk photography. 
  2. Once there we we get out of the car and take a look to make sure conditions are good for our purposes. 
  3. We will talk about composition and if there is a portrait to be created. 
  4. If all is good we will grab our gear and set up. I like to provide as much attention to the client as needed and realize some need more attention than others.
  5. I will be readily available to check that exposures are good and offer tips on composition.
  6. Once done at one location we go to the next location and the next as time allows.

Testimonials From Previous Clients

Having taken a variety of photography tours/classes, Douglas distinguished himself right away. Through conversation and a few questions, he learned that we knew enough to take our lens caps off before we shot. So instead of a canned lesson plan, we got exactly what we wanted. Which was a focus on the artistic side of photography.


San Jose, CA

What a great experience. Not only did I learn a lot about how to take great pictures Doug also took me to places I wouldn’t have seen. Can’t wait to put my new skills to good use.


I knew that my trip to Maui was going to epic but what I did not know was that my time spent with Douglas would turn this total newbie into an artist in just one day. Douglas was able to transform my abilities and skill level with a camera from just your average snapshooter into an actual photographer in just one workshop.

Shawn W

Doug’s techniques are so personalized to the lighting scenario. He stimulated my mind to re-think how I approach photography which I will put into practice!

Michelle R