Snorkeling Photography Workshops

Private Workshop
Time: 1.5 - 2 hours



All snorkeling underwater photography workshops are private.  That means only the client. The reason is I want to dedicate the time to help the client create the best possible photographs, and that’s best done if not serving as a tour guide. Exceptions are made when the workshop is dedicated to creating images with models. This activity is appropriate for all people that are comfortable swimming in water deeper than they can stand.  All locations are accessed from the shore and are shallow. And range from 5-20 feet deep. As everyone has a different height, weight, face size, foot size, e.t.c. I do not provide snorkel gear but work with good dive shops that have high-quality gear.   Having the right mask makes all the difference in the world and solves problems before they ever start.

What's Included

We begin with a detailed briefing on underwater photography and the equipment being used. This is followed by a snorkel briefing that talks about water entry and exit, proper snorkeling technique, the marine life we may encounter, and how best to photograph it.  I will have a GoPro with me to record the highlights and be able to offer advice on buoyancy, fin kick, and strobe position. After the snorkel, we will have another briefing to discuss the dive and the photographs created.

How It Works

  1. The adventure begins getting fitted for man fins,  snorkel, and wetsuit at a dive shop in Kihei.  I can't stress how important it is to find the right mask.  It makes a huge difference. Once the gear is handled clients will go to the designated beach.
  2. Prior to entry, we will have a detailed briefing on underwater photography specific to wide-angle, shooting into the sun vs. having the sun behind you, underwater hand communication signs, and how the snorkel will go.
  3. Then, we defog our masks and get into the water and go. I will help spot subjects and get you into the right position to create photographs. After the snorkel, we will discuss the photographs created.

Testimonials From Previous Clients

Having taken a variety of photography tours/classes, Douglas distinguished himself right away. Through conversation and a few questions, he learned that we knew enough to take our lens caps off before we shot. So instead of a canned lesson plan, we got exactly what we wanted. Which was a focus on the artistic side of photography.


San Jose, CA

What a great experience. Not only did I learn a lot about how to take great pictures Doug also took me to places I wouldn’t have seen. Can’t wait to put my new skills to good use.


I knew that my trip to Maui was going to epic but what I did not know was that my time spent with Douglas would turn this total newbie into an artist in just one day. Douglas was able to transform my abilities and skill level with a camera from just your average snapshooter into an actual photographer in just one workshop.

Shawn W

Doug’s techniques are so personalized to the lighting scenario. He stimulated my mind to re-think how I approach photography which I will put into practice!

Michelle R